Psalm 37:7a

"Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him." Psalm 37:7a

My Rhymes & Ramblings

Broken, I have come before You
Broken, I strain to hear Your voice
Waiting, my heart is needing answers
God, in You alone can I rejoice

Humbly, I come into Your presence
Humbly, I bow before my King
Knowing all wisdom is in You Lord
God, You’re the reason that I sing

Carry me, I long to feel Your presence
Fill me, with Your Spirit as I wait
Cover me, protect me and remind me
God, Your answers won’t be late

Heal me, this child of Yours is wounded
Heal me, so I can finally rest
Trusting, I lift my eyes to worship
God, hold me closely to Your chest

You healed me, this child of Yours was wounded
Was broken, until I heard Your voice
Humbly, I came into Your presence
Father, in You I now rejoice

                                          DLewis 2002

All These Things Must Be

I asked for STRENGTH  that would carry me through the night,
Then wondered…
How I endured ‘til morning’s light?

I asked for PEACE  that passes understanding in the trial,
Then questioned…
Where the tears were all the while?

I asked for WISDOM  to know just what Your will could be,
Then why…
Was I surprised when You comforted me?

I found Your STRENGTH  as I rested in knowing that Your hand,
Had upheld me…
Day by day, enabling me to stand.

I found Your PEACE  as I sought Your word and found it to be true,
Your perfect will…
Would be the promise I’d cling to.

I found Your WISDOM  as I began to listen for Your voice,
And now I know…
This trial endured, is only by Your choice.

And I found JOY  as I allowed Your Spirit to be free,
To fill my heart…
I understood that all these things must be.
DLewis 8.1988

Fill Me With Your Peace
I strain to hear Your voice, and still…
I hear only silence.
I cry out to see Your face and yet…
The darkness lingers.
I long to feel Your presence and again… 
I feel alone.

What did I do to deserve this place… 
This isolation.

When did I miss Your voice of reason… 
And get lost?

Where did I turn from Your gaze…
Into this valley?

And how do I find my way back to rest…
Rest for this weary soul?

Speak to me Sweet Spirit.
Show Your face to me in this storm.
Surround me with Your loving embrace.
And fill me with Your peace.

DLewis 2.2007

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