Psalm 37:7a

"Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him." Psalm 37:7a

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By Ruth Bell Graham
is always provision for a need: another’s or some future of our own– unrealized, perhaps; unseen.
The seven years of plenty Joseph stored against the years of famine that would come.
So when a winter promises to be severe, nature generously provides for little friends; and sensing in her lavish spread a hint of coming want, the ants and squirrels are busy harvesting; and so am I.
I have been so generously provided for in happiness, good memories,
family, and true friends; and more than all– His presence and His Word; perhaps it is a “sign,” as mountain people say, that winter is to be a tough one.
If that is so,
let it be; my larders are well stocked.  


By Ruth Bell Graham
May she have daughters
of her own
to care
when she is old
and I am gone.
I should have loved
to care for her once more
as I did then
long years before.
I was a mother young
and she – my child.
Caring was joy. So when
she is old and I am There,
may she have daughters
of her own
to care.

By Ruth Graham
It seems but yesterday
You lay
New in my arms.
Into our lives you brought
And laughter –
Play –
Showers, too.
And song.
Tender beyond believing,
Simple in faith,
Eager for life –
You left us
Rich in memories,
Little wife.
And now today
I hear you say words wise beyond your years;
I watch you play
With your small son,
Tenderest of mothers.
Years slip away –
We are mothers

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